Who to use automatic external defibrillators?

AED / automatic external defibrillator is designed to be used by everyone who has first aid knowledge without requiring medical education. In a perfect world, everybody should be trained on AED use (automatic defibrillator) and CPR (cardiac pulmonary resuscitation).

Automatic defibrillator directs and assists the used via audible and visual commands. Average ambulance arrival time is approximately 10 – 12 minutes in the world and during such time, every minute passing can be vital. Chance of a person who experienced a sudden cardiac arrest to survive is too low without AED and CPR.

Defibrillation is an electrical shock delivered to the heart designed to terminate a life-threatening arrhythmia. The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a device capable of automatically detecting a heart rhythm that requires a shock. The AED will charge itself and prompt the user to deliver a shock to the victim. AEDs analyze the victim’s heart rhythm several times to be certain it is a shockable rhythm. All AEDs are operated in more or less the same way. As a main defibrillator & Automatic external defibrillator suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all cities in UAE, contact us now and get the best price for your defibrillator system today from our medical equipment supplier company in dubai uae.


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